STOP SMART METERS WOODSTOCK NY                                                                                                                                                                    

                                                                Very Important Action You Can Do

Please support Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY by posting a comment on NYS Dept. Of Public Sevice at link below:       (deadline to post comments is Feb. 20th)

1-click on "search" in between water and login in blue area on right side 

2-"case search" window will appear.Type in 14-M-0196

3-Once on site look on top of page on the right side under "A-Z Index" and you will see comment button.

4-Click on comment button and submit what you would like to say to support an analog opt-out choice.

5- It is very important to add at the end of your comments this statement exactly as I have written it:

"I support Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY's "Petition for Rescinding the PSC Order in Part" and have a "Reconsideration of using analog meters as an opt-out choice."

If you would like a prototype comment , here is one you can copy and paste :

I support Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY's petition to Rescind Order in Part and have a Reconsideration of allowing analog meters for the opt-out choice. Some of my reasons are as follows:
1- the PSC did not consider all the voluminous scientific peer-reviewed studies Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY submitted in their 36 page petition.
2-The PSC relied on industry reports that were not prepared by health professionals and were not peer-reviewed and were not scientific studies but only articles in industry journals
3- The PSC did not consider the 1,000 + signed petition demanding an analog opt-out choice that Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY organized and submitted
4-Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY petition is much more thorough and comprehensive and provides all the documentation needed for the PSC to rescind their decision.
5- The PSC did not consider the three companies nationwide that Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY provided the documentation of their long time ability to supply analog meters as 13 other states are using with none of the imagined problems by the utilities

For these reasons and more "I support Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY's "Petition for Rescinding the PSC Order in Part and a Reconsideration of using analog meters as an opt-out choice"

Thanks so much for whatever you can do.

p.s. there is another group with a similar name called Stop Smart Meters New York. That is not us.

Thank you very much for your support.
Steve Romine
Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY

Breaking News 10/19/17 :

Hi all, We had a victory  in New York State recently . The New York State Public Service Commission (NYSDPS) issued a press release 10/19/17, that the monthly fees to opt-out of a transmitting digital utility meter, will be withdrawn as Central Hudson was ordered ("directed") to do so by the regulating state agency (PSC). There will only be a one time installation  fee of $47. Click on the purple  press release letters  link directly below :

press release

This decision came a few days after I served court papers for a second lawsuit involving the New York State Department of Public Service (NYSDPS) as one of the defendants which also includes Central Hudson, our utility, and Fortis the parent company.
The NYSDPS still insist though that we must have a non-transmitting digital meter and won't allow an  analog opt-out even though they were made aware that 13 other states  do so  and use remanufactured analog  meters. I believe that our 1,000+ signature petition, our posting of documents and comments on the NYSDPS website and serving of court papers on the NYSDPS for a  second lawsuit this week involving them forced their hand to make a concession. We are not finished with them yet and will persist in demanding analog meters as an opt-out as the  second recent lawsuit targets them for fraud and colluding specifically on the availability of analogs and the so-called safety of non-transmitting digital meters among other complaints. .

Correspondence with the Department of Public Service.To view scroll down on left hand side of page and click on custom 7  then scroll down to letter to  Secretary Burgess DPS

LIABILITY NOTICE DELIVERED TO ONTEORA CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT BOARD OF EDUCATION MEMBERS AT MARCH 15TH ,2016 BOE MEETING To view scroll down to arrow links on left hand side of page and  click on  custom page 5 and scroll down to Notice

 Letter from Dr. David Carpenter,founder and director of the Institute of Health and Environment at Albany University, to Bobbi Schnell president of the Onteora Central School District Board Of education, "urging" her "to abandon the use of WiFi in the schools." To view scroll down to arrow links on left side of this  page and bring cursor to custom page 4 and click on it and the scroll down to letter 

 Legal Document to send To Central Hudson That  Assigns Liability to Individuals Within Central Hudson for Forcing a Smart meter on Your Home : To view scroll down  to arrow links on  left side of this page and  bring cursor to arrow pointing to  "New Custom 2"  and  to the right  you will see "New Custom 3" all of a sudden  appear which you will click on and  then scroll down to document.Letters of PhD's to School System on the harm of WIFI  : To view scroll down to arrow  links on left side of this page  and  click on  arrow pointing to "New Custom 2" page  and  then scroll down to letters.

Rebutting False Statements By Central Hudson (CH) Website  In Their  Customer Fact Sheet Highlighted  In Yellow color.  Rebuttals  to  Central Hudson's misinformation In  Aqua color. To view scroll down on this page  to  arrow links  and  click  on  arrow pointing to "New Custom 1" page  and  then scroll down  to rebutted CH  fact sheet.                                                           

To View  or Post a Comment about the analog  resolution or read that  resolution  we submitted with a thousand plus signatures posted on the NYS Public Service Commision Website click on this link :  Post button for  comments on bottom of main page.View comments at "Public Comments" tab on top left of main page.

 Outrageous Letter from Ex-Town Board member Ken Panza to NY Department of Public Service executive Kathleen Burgess go to custom page and then scroll down to letter.


                                               Smart Meter Newsletter


Smart Meters part Of NSA's Surveillance Grid 

Hey all, Here is an article by an ex-NSA employee who lays out the spying capability of the NSA including the use of smart meters : June 10 2014


A little suspicious of Snowden - by Jim Stone

I have had this in the back of my mind for a while, why Snowden got such publicity, and I did not while I clearly stated the exact same things Snowden did, years before he did. And I still take things a step farther than Snowden ever did.


Why did Snowden get all the attention all of a sudden? Perhaps because he never mentioned reactor 3, tsunami nukes, and a man made "9.1" earthquake that did absolutely no significant damage other than tsunami damage in Sendai, which was only 30 miles from the epicenter? Perhaps Snowden got all the attention because he has yet to mention that every Intel processor since Centrino has two processing sections, one for the NSA and one for the user? You can't secure your data from the NSA AT ALL with an always on cell connection from the heart of your CPU, and a separate smaller CPU on the same die that works exclusively for them, and snags your encryption keys to boot.


In fact, Snowden only came out with his revelations after my CoreVpro and smart meter report, which spoke about how even your microwave can now be rigged to spy on you if it is smart meter compliant, and that every smart meter now has 3G, wifi, bluetooth, and several CPU's on board.

But I did not see Snowden as a psy op early on, I saw him as vindication because all he did was stop people from shilling my inbox saying I had to be full of crap with all of this. SO, now what is Snowden NOT SAYING?


He is not telling you that every car in America released after 2004 has, VIA FEDERAL MANDATE, an engine control computer that is always hooked up to the cell network complete with microphones, GPS and often in car cameras to spy on you. When I was in the NSA they made it clear that if you wanted to discuss anything classified outside a secure area the best thing to do was leave all cell phones and other transmitters behind and go for a drive, because there was no way to spy on a conversation in a moving car. But after 2004, that is no longer true no matter what car you have, and many cars before 2004 were already spy boxes with systems such as Onstar.

Snowden is also not telling you that in many cases, (especially with cell phones that stopped delivering full battery life, which is a huge percentage now) that when this happens, it is because the phone is bugged and is sending out audio and usually video of everything happening around it. And this can happen to your phone even if you are completely innocent of everthing if their algorithms detect that at any time you get within the vicinity of anyone they are watching. They want YOUR PHONE switched on as a spy device in the event you get near anyone they are interested in, and they can calculate if you are likely to because they stole all your meta data. So now you have an Iphone that goes dead quickly, or other device that is now practially trash as far as usefulness because they hijacked it and basically stole it from you.

Now, I know the above statements to be true, because all the technology surrounding it was discussed there. Now let me make a few guesses.

It is my guess that all cars after 2004 have every conversation ever made in them recorded and permanently stored. Certainly every place they ever went is recorded and permanently stored. America's cell service is ridiculously expensive compared to other nations and I suspect it is because when you get a cell phone you are actually paying to support all the spy devices in everything else.

One thing I do know is that with the old land lines, they could always record everything in every house in America because when you hang up, the phone's microphone remains connected to the system, only the earpiece cuts and a signal is sent to cut the call. But it was standard procedure for the NSA to over ride the system and just listen in on the microphones and record whatever they saw fit. At that time it was not policy to record everything in America, though they could have if they wanted to. 911 changed all that.

It is my guess that a new system is going into place for total information awareness, and that smartmeters will play a central role in this. For what reason would a smartmeter need wifi, bluetooth, and cell connectivity, as well as an ability to communicate via the power outlets in the home? If all that smartmeter was doing is radioing in how much power you used, it would not need ANY of the above, a simple radio transmitter that had nothing to do with any of the above would do it.

In fact, if smartmeters were legit, they would have their own protocols and if one could not reach the base station, it should be able to chat (they do have this ability,why all the connectivity options?) with a different smartmeter that was in it's vicinity and pass along your consumption by word of mouth. After all, it would only need to chat a few digits. A minimalist system is all that would be needed if the meters were legit, they don't need multiple processors, multiple connectivity options and gigabit bandwidth for legitimate business.

But if their real purpose is to talk to the NSA via your Samsung SmartTV's camera, a microphone in your microwave compliments of the beeper that can double as a microphone, or hook up to your PC via your Intel processor, or your cell phone camera, or any other device you might have sitting around including even an Xbox, then such connectivity and processing power would be needed because it might have to negotiate with multiple devices in your house if you have them, and handle all that video and audio throughput. THAT MUCH is certain, my guess is that all devices will be recorded and stored all the time. I think they could probably do it now with all the taxes getting raped, to then turn around and screw you with.                            ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                     Lets not kid ourselves. The smart meter is an integral part of NSA's surveillance grid and that is why it is happening globally at the same time in spite of all the health issues and potential liabilities and lack of real energy saving.It is very important to the "ELITE to get this smart grid  in place at all costs.                           peace,Steve    




Here are some smart meter block diagrams. This says it all:

This next one is a laugh, it says it all with 4 wireless options, power line communication and ethernet, ALL OF THAT NEEDED FOR A SIMPLE SIX DIGIT DISPLAY. YEP.


SUMMARY: Smart Meters are wired to sophisticated for them to do the functions the power companies  claim they do as ex-NSA employee Jim Stone points out.           peace,Steve 

12/8/14 FCC IGNORES CHILDREN                                                                                                                                                  The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) bases it's EMF/Microwave exposure limits on The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation (ICNIRP) guidelines. This is what the FCC stands behind as a standard. For some strange reason they don't abide by ICNIRP's  recommendations specifically when dealing with EMF radiation  exposure limits for children,the elderly and the chronically ill.Here is a quote from ICNIRP's  guideline report in 2002 which recommends  : "Decision makers be made aware that children.the elderly and the chronically ill may have a lower tolerance for microwave exposure (ICNIRP 2002).                             In their 2009 report ,ICNIRP states "Another gap in the research is children.No study population to date has included children." Folks. these are the people who the FCC relies on for data for their EMF/Microwave exposure limits and they are saying there has been no EMF/ Microwave exposure  research done specifically with children in mind and there should be a different standard for children,the elderly and the chronically ill .In spite of that recommendation  the FCC  is  approving all these wireless devices and the industry is tailoring their marketing toward children including Mac.                                          Our elected officials  and our library and school officials have been sold the Brooklyn Bridge concerning WIFI being safe in the schools. Our schoolchildren are being done a great injustice spurred on by the  WIFI zealots who refuse to look at the facts and make  the safe choice of ethernet cabling the computers. The FCC guidelines are outdated ( US Government Accountability Office Report  2012) for adults and have no specific  guidelines for children. Wake up and smell the coffee.Take the WIFI out of the schools and the libraries  as municipalities across Europe are doing to protect their children. Technology with  documented serious risk  is not an option. Cancer,autism,leukemia is serious (