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 Breaking News : April 1,2018  Big Victory in New York State !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to all NY activists working together with local politicians we convinced  Governor Cuomo to take the laguage out of his state budget proposal and stopped the forced deployment of 5G into our local communities.  . We spent many hours on the phones and computer sending emails, contacting politicians and getting towns to pass anti-5G resolutions that got sent to Albany. Everybody  joined in the push back and we won . The fact that this bold move by the Telecom Industry to force 5g into communities was going to be weaken Home Rule got local politicians on our side from all over the state. We got the support of every mayor and town supervisor in NY to oppose this once we educated them what was actually happening. It was definitely a group effort. We still have to be vigilant as they may try to come into our  communities and attempt to  payoff local planning and zoning boards to get 5G in.
California, Maryland , Georgia and now New York that has said no to the telecom Industry. Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Ohio, Minnesota, North Carolina, Texas, Rhode Island and Virginia have allowed the telecom Industry to ignore local planning boards and zoning boards. Michigan is still pending.Truth matters, action counts and victory is sweet !

Thanks to all NY 5G activists working together, both the NYS Assembly and the NYS Senate eliminated language in their budget bills, yesterday and the day before, that would have subverted home rule by forcing 5g on our communities.
The New York State Assembly budget bill and New York State Senate bill both rejected language from the Governors budget bill that would subvert Home Rule and force 5G on our local communities. The Governor can still try to force 5G on us with his budget bill using his executive powers. So we may still have a fight on our hands but we he only has till April 1st to try to force 5G through.

Thanks to all who made calls, sent emails, took some action and to those who also sent out emails and and made phones calls to their friends and family to educate them and get more pressure on these politicians.

If you haven't had time to get yourself up to speed, please take a look at the this  website ~ it's sufficient and will help you learn what you need to know quickly. and

WE ARE NOT FINISHED YET as the language we got removed in the Senate and the Assembly is still in Gov. Cuomo's proposed Budget. Cuomo will keep trying to put it back in. We need a steady stream of emails AND/OR phone calls! in order to keep this out of the final Budget.

Over the next couple of weeks, the Major Leaders of Assembly and Senate will now have private meetings with Cuomo. They must make a decision by April 1st as that is when the Budget is due.

That having been said, we ALL need to keep the pressure up on the 2 Majority Leaders AND on Gov. Cuomo. If you have already sent emails or called, do it again --- but this time it will be to these 3 individuals. If you can call AND email/write that would be best. Calling is better then emailing as they don't always look at emails in a timely fashion and in this case, time is of the essence and we only have 2 weeks. Last but not least, please send this information to your friends, family, your church groups, put it on your FB page, Tweet about it, and ask others to do the same - in other words, GET THE WORD OUT to as many people as possible!

Below are their names and contact information to make it easy for you.

Senator - John Flannigan
Albany Office: 518-455-2071
District Office: 631-361-2154

Speaker - Carl Heastie
Albany Office: 518-455-3791
District Office: 718-654-6539

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
If you email, the below website has a Contact form to fill out.


The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for standing up for Truth! Together we can do this!

 March 8, 2108:

Last year Woodstock  had  the opportunity to stop the 5G roll out in our community  but for some reason did not  as many other towns  did. This roll out is not a vital need to the public and is a dangerous technology so much so that scientists led by Professor  Lennart Hardell ,who was a top scientist for the International Agency for Research on Cancer,  are calling for a halt to it in the European Union where they seem to be way  ahead of us waking up to the dangers of microwave radiation exposure. Currently Gov. Cuomo has  included  to the  State Budget  language that would eviscerate Home Rule and allow the deployment of 5G small-cell transmitters on telephone poles in every New York community  without planning board or zoning board oversight.Don't let the term small-cell mislead you as hese transmitters will actually radiate the public more than existing cell towers as they are much closer to the public and can end up on poles right next to your home. Please view this great link :   and then  contact our State representatives to let them know we don't support Gov. Cuomos proposed State Budget with any changes to the General Municipal Law or any diminishing of N.Y.S. Home Rule allowing an invasion of 5G small-cell transmitters into our community.
Tell them they must take the language out of proposed NYS Budget that will change General Municipal Law to gut local zoning and planning laws! They will be voting on this in less than two weeks.

Hi all, We had a victory  in New York State recently . The New York State Public Service Commission (NYSDPS) issued a press release 10/19/17, that the monthly fees to opt-out of a transmitting digital utility meter, will be withdrawn as Central Hudson was ordered ("directed") to do so by the regulating state agency (PSC). There will only be a one time installation  fee of $47. Click on the purple  press release letters  link directly below :

press release

This decision came a few days after I served court papers for a second lawsuit involving the New York State Department of Public Service (NYSDPS) as one of the defendants which also includes Central Hudson, our utility, and Fortis the parent company.
The NYSDPS still insist though that we must have a non-transmitting digital meter and won't allow an  analog opt-out even though they were made aware that 13 other states  do so  and use remanufactured analog  meters. I believe that our 1,000+ signature petition, our posting of documents and comments on the NYSDPS website and serving of court papers on the NYSDPS for a  second lawsuit this week involving them forced their hand to make a concession. We are not finished with them yet and will persist in demanding analog meters as an opt-out as the  second recent lawsuit targets them for fraud and colluding specifically on the availability of analogs and the so-called safety of non-transmitting digital meters among other complaints. .

Correspondence with the Department of Public Service.To view scroll down on left hand side of page and click on custom 7  then scroll down to letter to  Secretary Burgess DPS

LIABILITY NOTICE DELIVERED TO ONTEORA CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT BOARD OF EDUCATION MEMBERS AT MARCH 15TH ,2016 BOE MEETING To view scroll down to arrow links on left hand side of page and  click on  custom page 5 and scroll down to Notice

 Letter from Dr. David Carpenter,founder and director of the Institute of Health and Environment at Albany University, to Bobbi Schnell president of the Onteora Central School District Board Of education, "urging" her "to abandon the use of WiFi in the schools." To view scroll down to arrow links on left side of this  page and bring cursor to custom page 4 and click on it and the scroll down to letter 

 Legal Document to send To Central Hudson That  Assigns Liability to Individuals Within Central Hudson for Forcing a Smart meter on Your Home : To view scroll down  to arrow links on  left side of this page and  bring cursor to arrow pointing to  "New Custom 2"  and  to the right  you will see "New Custom 3" all of a sudden  appear which you will click on and  then scroll down to document.Letters of PhD's to School System on the harm of WIFI  : To view scroll down to arrow  links on left side of this page  and  click on  arrow pointing to "New Custom 2" page  and  then scroll down to letters.

Rebutting False Statements By Central Hudson (CH) Website  In Their  Customer Fact Sheet Highlighted  In Yellow color.  Rebuttals  to  Central Hudson's misinformation In  Aqua color. To view scroll down on this page  to  arrow links  and  click  on  arrow pointing to "New Custom 1" page  and  then scroll down  to rebutted CH  fact sheet.                                                           

To View  or Post a Comment about the analog  resolution or read that  resolution  we submitted with a thousand plus signatures posted on the NYS Public Service Commision Website click on this link :  Post button for  comments on bottom of main page.View comments at "Public Comments" tab on top left of main page.

 Outrageous Letter from Ex-Town Board member Ken Panza to NY Department of Public Service executive Kathleen Burgess go to custom page and then scroll down to letter.


 January 17,2016

Secretary Ms. Kathleen Burgess                                          

Department of Public Service

3 Empire Plaza

Albany,New York 12223-1350


Dear Ms. Burgess, Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY does not object to our neighbors having any kind of electronics in or on their homes. Our objections relate specifically to when those electronic devices emit toxic substances (such as pulsing microwave radiation) that have been classified a class 2B carcinogen by the World Health Organization, and can cause other adverse health effects when it is transmitted into and around our living spaces. Most people would not object to an electronic device, such as an AM/FM radio, unless that radio is blasted into their living spaces, at which time, they would most likely object.

We, as citizens, possess inalienable right guaranteed by the United States Constitution, which allow us to be "secure in our homes", included but not limited to, living free from dangerous toxins transmitted into the place we call home. The United States Code Title 18, Section 242, indicates it is a crime for “Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth,  Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States”. (

Pulsing microwave transmitting digital utility meters emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR), which is a toxic substance.  Those living in broadcast range of EMR can potentially get adversely affected in a variety of ways, as demonstrated by the thousands of current scientific, peer-reviewed studies.


Smart Meter manufacturers, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Public Service Commission (PSC), arguably acting in collusion with each other, ignore all the current scientific, peer-reviewed studies, and in doing so, are practicing willful blindness to the public’s reasonable health concerns. 

Furthermore, the PSC erroneously adheres to FCC guidelines, which have been deemed inadequate by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in a letter dated July 16th, 2002 stating "The generalization by many that the (FCC) guidelines protect human beings from harm by any or all mechanisms is not justified." (Page 2, Top Paragraph - (http://nebula.wsimg .com/4c0f61dc30c3d6bb27d90f53a 57c616e?AccessKeyId=045114F8E0 676B9465FB&disposition=0& alloworigin=1)

The FCC has no health professional employees on staff nor are they qualified to assess health impacts. The FCC only considers shock or burn effects when establishing their guidelines regarding this issue and does not consider biological effects.  Perhaps the PSC would take the initiative to read the report by Harvard Law School/Ethics Dept. entitled "Captured Agency" (

This will enable a better understanding the fix we are in and comprehend why potentially dangerous wireless devices, such as pulsing microwave transmitting digital utility meters are entering the commercial marketplace and why masses of people nationwide are registering complaints with their local PSC and Utility Company. 

On the contrary, there have been no complaints of health effects of electro-mechanical analog utility meters for over 50 years, such as that which we are seeing with the pulsing, microwave transmitting digital meters. Why then, is the PSC ignoring these most obvious facts and holding a “technical conference” to assess their viability? Has not time and use of electro-mechanical meters already proven this? 

Presently, two-thirds of the people who use the services of Central Hudson/Fortis have electro-mechanical analog utility meters. These meters are replaced gradually.  These retired electro-mechanical analog utility meters could very easily be refurbished and put back into use, exactly as other states have done and are presently continuing to do (and such as Central Hudson used to do if our information is correct). This would enable those utility customers that ask for a non-transmitting digital meter to obtain one and those utility customers that wish to obtain a re-manufactured electro-mechanical analog meter to also be able to make that choice.

It seems as though the “technical conference” being proposed by the PSC is being setup in order to create an “either/or” scenario.


In retrospect, Hialeah Meter Company has been in business for 43 years and their electro-mechanical analog meters are approved for use in California, meeting their Type A, Evaluation Certification required, and their on-site testing is the strictest in the country.  All the documents confirming these facts have already been submitted to the PSC and to the DPS website several months ago. Hialeah Meter Company, a certified General Electric (GE) retailer, could easily refurbish Central Hudson/Fortis retired meters periodically and easily supply an opt-out program for Central Hudson/Fortis opt-out applicants.

Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY is the author of the "People’s Resolution" currently being deliberated on by the PSC and is at the heart of this issue.  It is Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY who has gathered  the 1,000+ signees  petition demanding an analog meter opt-out choice representing these people’s interests.

Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY has chosen not to participate in a technical conference that is obviously leaning towards Industry, as the makeup of the conference expresses.

Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY continues to demand that the will of the people be honored, and that available ANSI approved, electro-mechanical analog utility meters be supplied to the people who use utility company services and who choose an analog opt-out. We oppose any biased based technology panel conclusions, which are made up mostly of Wireless Industry personnel, and which will put forth all the reasons why it is “okay” and “safe” to continue to radiate entire neighborhoods with a documented toxic substance classified as a possible 2B carcinogen (by the World Health Organization) -- the same classification that was given to Lead, Benzene and DDT. This same Wireless Industry continues to ignore thousands of the  latest peer-reviewed scientific studies that say EMR is harmful to the health of human beings.  (, ( (  

On the contrary, the fact remains, there are no current peer-reviewed studies that say pulsing microwave digital transmitting utility meters (which emit EMR) are safe for men, women, children, the unborn and people with pacemakers. 

Regarding the opt-out program; it simply doesn't work in apartments, condominiums or close housing type situations.  A prime example of this is the new apartment complex called “Woodstock Commons” (located Leslie Way & Adler Court in Woodstock, NY).  This is a low income community of approximately 250 people with over 50 separate units (approximately 4 units per block). Many of these people signed our petition demanding a free, electro-mechanical analog meter opt-out.  Most of these people simply cannot afford opt-out fees. Furthermore, there is no real opt-out for the people who live in this complex who can afford the opt-out option, as everyone else living at Woodstock Commons and many other apartment complexes, will still have a neighbor’s pulsing microwave transmitting digital ERT utility meter, located as close (and in some cases closer then) as a person who has an opt-out meter installed on their own dwelling.  The opt-out applicant will most likely be choosing the opt-out for health reasons, yet they will be surrounded by pulsing microwave transmitting digital ERT utility meters. In that very real situation, the opt-out choice simply does not make logical sense and will not be a solution for those people. 

We at Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY, do hereby demand the right to have an electro-mechanical analog utility meter as an opt-out choice!  We also oppose the deployment approval and use of electronic digital utility meters that emit toxic substances (EMR) from neighbor’s homes into our homes when close proximity is a factor.  Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY protests the attempt by the utility company, namely Central Hudson/Fortis, to place on the backs of people who use their services, the cost of meter reading, in the form of an opt-out fee. Historically, this has always been the cost of doing business for the Utility.  Central Hudson/Fortis has, in fact, “opted in” the people who use their utility services, without their knowledge or their willing consent.  Surely, Central Hudson/ Fortis is responsible for any meter reading costs, covered by an “opt out” fee and therefore should continue to pay these costs, as they have always previously paid before. 

For all the above reasons, we at Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY abstain from attending the proposed “technical conference” in protest. We refuse to give our consent to a technical conference that is not in the best interests of the public, but  instead obviously favor the interests and objectives of the Wireless Industry. 

Steve Romine
Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY