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January 31, 2016

(each BOE member recieved a document with their name on it)

To: Bobbi Schnell,President Board of Education (BOE)

Onteora Central School District (OCSD)

From: The Peoples WiFi Task Force

Warning! With this Notice of Liability you have become personally liable for not disabling the OCSD schools WiFi system and abusing executive session option.

You have been sent a certified letter from one of the top experts in the world, Dr. David Carpenter, Public Health Physician and Director of the Institute of Health and Environment at Albany University, warning you on the health risks of the schools WiFi system emitting Electro-magnetic radiation and its increased adverse effect on children.
You have received a World Heath Organization document describing it's classification of electromagnetic fields as a possible carcinogen which is what is emitted from WiFi devices.
You have been given an official letter from the Environmental Protection Agency stating the FCC guidelines do not protect anyone from harm of electromagnetic radiation exposure which includes WiFi radiation exposure.
You have been shown there are no peer-reviewed studies that demonstrate WiFi is safe for children.
You have been given letters from other prominent PhD's and MD's warning you about the health dangers and risks of having a wireless connection for computers using WiFi.

You have been shown that children were not accounted for in the FCC guidelines that say WiFi is safe.
You have been given a scientific study that demonstrate children absorb twice the radiation as an adult.
You have been given links to 53 peer- reviewed studies that demonstrate School WiFi systems damage biological life. .
You have been urged to hardwire all your computers in the schools.
Ignoring the above documented information and documented statements and proceeding with the use of WiFi routers in the schools, you are committing willful blindness and can be liable for child negligence, or possibly even "negligent endangerment of child" which carries with it criminal law repercussions if any student gets injured from the schools WiFi system and a parent decides to press charges.

This document establishes you have been warned. The peoples WiFi Task Force have sent you this document to alert you to your current liability status. This Notice lays the legal groundwork for any parent in the future whose child gets harmed from the schools WiFi system to take legal action.,civil or criminal,of which we will be witnesses you have been warned.

Along with willful blindness,and child negligence you have also acted improperly disbanding the WiFi Task Force through abuse of executive session option which was never intended to be used when perception of a pending lawsuit arises. Casual mention of a lawsuit is not grounds for going into executive session. Along with that gross violation you conducted business in the improper executive session and refused to make the minutes available to the public concerning disbanding the WiFi Task Force which the Public has a right to know especially members of the Task Force.

Enclosed with this Notice of Liability are documents corroborating everything stated herein. The Peoples WiFi Task Force urges you, once again, to disable the schools WiFi system before any students get harmed and resume the WiFi Task Force.

The Peoples WiFi Task Force

___Steve Romine ( notarized signature)______________________________________________