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                                                                Very Important Action You Can Do

Please support Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY by posting a comment on NYS Dept. Of Public Sevice at link below:       (deadline to post comments is Feb. 20th)

1-click on "search" in between water and login in blue area on right side 

2-"case search" window will appear.Type in 14-M-0196

3-Once on site look on top of page on the right side under "A-Z Index" and you will see comment button.

4-Click on comment button and submit what you would like to say to support an analog opt-out choice.

5- It is very important to add at the end of your comments this statement exactly as I have written it:

"I support Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY's "Petition for Rescinding the PSC Order in Part" and have a "Reconsideration of using analog meters as an opt-out choice."

If you would like a prototype comment , here is one you can copy and paste :

I support Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY's petition to Rescind Order in Part and have a Reconsideration of allowing analog meters for the opt-out choice. Some of my reasons are as follows:
1- the PSC did not consider all the voluminous scientific peer-reviewed studies Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY submitted in their 36 page petition.
2-The PSC relied on industry reports that were not prepared by health professionals and were not peer-reviewed and were not scientific studies but only articles in industry journals
3- The PSC did not consider the 1,000 + signed petition demanding an analog opt-out choice that Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY organized and submitted
4-Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY petition is much more thorough and comprehensive and provides all the documentation needed for the PSC to rescind their decision.
5- The PSC did not consider the three companies nationwide that Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY provided the documentation of their long time ability to supply analog meters as 13 other states are using with none of the imagined problems by the utilities

For these reasons and more "I support Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY's "Petition for Rescinding the PSC Order in Part and a Reconsideration of using analog meters as an opt-out choice"

Thanks so much for whatever you can do.

p.s. there is another group with a similar name called Stop Smart Meters New York. That is not us.

Thank you very much for your support.
Steve Romine
Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY

Breaking News 10/19/17 :

Hi all, We had a victory  in New York State recently . The New York State Public Service Commission (NYSDPS) issued a press release 10/19/17, that the monthly fees to opt-out of a transmitting digital utility meter, will be withdrawn as Central Hudson was ordered ("directed") to do so by the regulating state agency (PSC). There will only be a one time installation  fee of $47. Click on the purple  press release letters  link directly below :

press release

This decision came a few days after I served court papers for a second lawsuit involving the New York State Department of Public Service (NYSDPS) as one of the defendants which also includes Central Hudson, our utility, and Fortis the parent company.
The NYSDPS still insist though that we must have a non-transmitting digital meter and won't allow an  analog opt-out even though they were made aware that 13 other states  do so  and use remanufactured analog  meters. I believe that our 1,000+ signature petition, our posting of documents and comments on the NYSDPS website and serving of court papers on the NYSDPS for a  second lawsuit this week involving them forced their hand to make a concession. We are not finished with them yet and will persist in demanding analog meters as an opt-out as the  second recent lawsuit targets them for fraud and colluding specifically on the availability of analogs and the so-called safety of non-transmitting digital meters among other complaints. .

Correspondence with the Department of Public Service.To view scroll down on left hand side of page and click on custom 7  then scroll down to letter to  Secretary Burgess DPS

LIABILITY NOTICE DELIVERED TO ONTEORA CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT BOARD OF EDUCATION MEMBERS AT MARCH 15TH ,2016 BOE MEETING To view scroll down to arrow links on left hand side of page and  click on  custom page 5 and scroll down to Notice

 Letter from Dr. David Carpenter,founder and director of the Institute of Health and Environment at Albany University, to Bobbi Schnell president of the Onteora Central School District Board Of education, "urging" her "to abandon the use of WiFi in the schools." To view scroll down to arrow links on left side of this  page and bring cursor to custom page 4 and click on it and the scroll down to letter 

 Legal Document to send To Central Hudson That  Assigns Liability to Individuals Within Central Hudson for Forcing a Smart meter on Your Home : To view scroll down  to arrow links on  left side of this page and  bring cursor to arrow pointing to  "New Custom 2"  and  to the right  you will see "New Custom 3" all of a sudden  appear which you will click on and  then scroll down to document.Letters of PhD's to School System on the harm of WIFI  : To view scroll down to arrow  links on left side of this page  and  click on  arrow pointing to "New Custom 2" page  and  then scroll down to letters.

Rebutting False Statements By Central Hudson (CH) Website  In Their  Customer Fact Sheet Highlighted  In Yellow color.  Rebuttals  to  Central Hudson's misinformation In  Aqua color. To view scroll down on this page  to  arrow links  and  click  on  arrow pointing to "New Custom 1" page  and  then scroll down  to rebutted CH  fact sheet.                                                           

To View  or Post a Comment about the analog  resolution or read that  resolution  we submitted with a thousand plus signatures posted on the NYS Public Service Commision Website click on this link :  Post button for  comments on bottom of main page.View comments at "Public Comments" tab on top left of main page.

 Outrageous Letter from Ex-Town Board member Ken Panza to NY Department of Public Service executive Kathleen Burgess go to custom page and then scroll down to letter.


Facts at a Glance - Residential Metering

Conversion began in 1990s - Central Hudson has been deploying the new generation of digital meters with low-power radio communications capabilities since the late 1990s. To date, approximately one-third of residential meters use this Encoder Receiver Transmitter (ERT) feature. These meters allow for more efficient, accurate and safer readings, and help lower costs for the benefit of customers.
The readings are not safer because they are exposing their meter readers to being the focus of the microwave broadcast from the meters to get a reading.They certainly do not lower costs to the benefit of the consumers as that is one of our complaints that our bills go up once they are installed sometimes twice as much.

Full regulatory compliance - The New York State Public Service Commission approves all meters used by New York utilities, including Central Hudson (under public service law has adopted American National Standards Institute (“ANSI”) code as the safety standards for approved meters (under public service law 16 NYCRR 93.3). The Federal Communications Commission, which regulates radio frequency emissions nationally, has also adopted ANSI radio frequency standards. Utilities, including Central Hudson, follow state and national standards for installed meters.

Public process - Each time the Commission approves a new type of meter, a notice is published pursuant to the State Administrative Procedures Act (“SAPA”), and all New York citizens and governmental entities have an opportunity to participate in the proceeding.Their Public Process would be more public and more effective if the customers were notified in their billing notices of the hearings instead of by chance someone noticing a public notice in the paper which most people do not read anymore.

Models used - Residential meters installed by Central Hudson are the General Electric I-210 family of meters including the I-210, 1-210+, I-210+N, and I-210+C; and the Itron Centron family of meters including the C1SR, CN1SR, and C1S. They have been approved by the New York State Public Service Commission and meet applicable safety standards. These digital and ERT meters do not store energy use data and cannot read energy usage for individual appliances. Information about energy use is never shared with third parties, such as energy service companies, without customer permission.The The I-210 meters are called the Smart Meter Family by General Electric and never called an ERT meter in the field according to 3 tech reps.  who I spoke with in  GE's  smart meter division.

Analog no longer manufactured - Central Hudson, like all utilities, is gradually switching from analog meters (which are no longer manufactured) to digital meters. The digital meters are approved by the Commission and run on the same electric current as did the analog meters. Central Hudson is required to test approximately 3.5 percent of its residential meters per year, and in doing so replaces older analog meters with digital ERT meters. ERT meters are also installed in new construction or to replace meters which may be damaged.This is an absolute twist of the truth as there are three companies nationwide who re-manufacture analog meters that meet or exceed ANSI requirements . Hialeah Meter Company, who also meets California's strict type A certification and a dealer for General Electric is   based in  Florida and  is one of them. What the utilities are doing  is throwing away perfectly salvageable  analog meters that could be re-manufactured or refurbished . This is  absolutely not ecological as the new digital meters have a much heavier ecological footprint and contain a hundred years of  what is called "embedded energy" unlike the analog meters.The Hialeah Meter ZZCompany analog meters exceed the C12 ANSI standard of being  within 3% accuracy to 1% accuracy which is more accurate than when these meters were first manufactured.These analog meters are use by other states in their opt-out programs.

Well within safe limits - Studies performed by other parties have shown these that meters typically emit much lower than 1 percent of FCC and ANSI standards*, and in many cases meet or exceed the more stringent and conservative BioInitiative Report recommendation. FCC safety standards for radio signals require a Maximum Permissible Exposure (“MPE”) equal to or less than 0.61mW/cm2 (0.61 milliwatts per square centimeter) for signals in the 900 MHz range; while the BioInitiative Report recommendation, which falls below all international standards, is 0.0001 mW/cm2. Signals taken by a local resident from ERT meters installed by Central Hudson peaked at 0.00012 mW/cm2, and when adjusted for the 30 minute time weighted average falls in the range of 0.0000002 mW/cm2. This information is false and inaccurate as the distance from the ERT/Smart Digital Meter was 6 feet where I got a a high reading of 1200 micro watts per meter squared. At 3 feet from the ERT/Smart Digital Meter my test meter went of the charts. That means that it had to be higher than 2,000 micro watts per meter squared.Their  figure of 0.00012 micro watts per centimeter squared is totally wrong when you do the conversion from micro watts per meter squared to micro watts per centimer squared.There are 10,000 microwatts per meter squared in one micro watt per centimeter meter squared. So if you multiply the reading which was 1,200 micro watts per meter squared by 0.0001 you will get 0.12 not 0.00012 as Central Hudson has inaccurately stated and misinformed its customers. Check out conversion table at  That means that the statement by Central Hudson that emissions measured by a local resident (that's me) are below the Bioinitiative Report of 2012 is totally false as adverse effects have been observed at  .03 where DNA gets damaged and reproductive systems interferred with.The reading of .12 micro watts is above the Bioinitiative Report adverse effects reading not under it. Also Central Hudson  describes the Bioinitiative Report as "strict and conservative". Either it's safe or not safe. Central Hudson needs to Stop playing games with words. The Bioinitiative Report of 2012  based it's maximum exposure standard at the point where adverse effects started showing up in peer- reviewed studies.

  • * Standards are based upon testing performed at a distance of three feet, directly in front of meters for a 30 minute period, as this represents a “worst-case” scenario. Signal strength falls off sharply with distance and by natural and man-made barriers (e.g. meter sockets and buildings).
  • According the American Cancer Society, “There is no clear evidence at this time that RF (radio frequency) waves from smart meters (or other devices) can cause harmful health effects. The low levels of energy from RF waves have not been clearly shown to cause problems even at close range, and the energy decreases the farther a person is from the transmission source.” Although ERT meters are not smart meters, the radio signals by ERT meters are similar to or weaker than smart meters. For more information, see   The American Cancer Society use to say that tobacco was safe.Their largest contributor to this day is the Tobacco Industry.On top of that The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)  ,A World Health Organization affiliate, has classified electromagnetic radiation (EMR)  which is what is emitted from smart meters, a class 2B possible carcinogen :   The chief scientist for IARC has stated that if the IARC convenes again he would reclassify EMR a class 2A probable carcinogen

State regulators approve use of ERT meters: The New York State Public Service Commission concludes that numerous scientific and medical studies have determined that there are no proven health threats from ERT meters, and recommends several third-party reports that may help to provide a further understanding of meters and radio signals. Although the reports focus on smart meters, Central Hudson uses ERT technology, which provides only one-way communication and uses generally weaker signals than smart meters:The signals can be just as strong.

Other common sources of radio signals - There are many sources of radio signals in the home including radios, televisions, cordless phones, cell phones, tablets, Wi-Fi, and other modern devices.All the devices mentioned here by Central Hudson can be turned off.You can't turn off your digital ERT/Smart Meter even in the case of the opt-out is always producing Dirty Electricity.That's a big difference and one that Central Hudson obviously does not want you to understand.

Not same as smart meters - Central Hudson meter readers must be within close proximity of ERT meters in order to obtain a reading, as the meters do not have any smart meter capabilities.Again not true.What makes a meter smart is it can communicate. Although the ERT/Smart Meter is a one way device it is still broadcasting microwave frequencies out into your environment outside and inside.General Electric has their  ERT Meter listed in their Smart Meter family on the product info page of their website.

Safer for our meter readers, less-intrusive for our customers - Reading ERT meters is safer than reading conventional meters, as there is less need to enter homes and yards, and readings are often taken from driveways or front walks.These meters are not safer for the meter reader as the reader becomes  the focus of the broadcasts from these digital meters.So he or she is being irradiated all day long reading these meters. The broadcasts can travel through houses let alone their bodies.

More efficient - Remote meter reading reduces costs by allowing one meter reader to collect data from more meters than is possible for other meters.The reduced costs are a benefit to Central Hudson and no one else and at the expense of our health.

Meter tampering can cause serious injury or death - It is very dangerous and illegal for customers to remove Central Hudson’s meter and replace it with another meter of their choice. Improper changing of a meter can result in serious injury or death and should only be attempted by authorized utility personnel. Metering tampering is also punishable by law.All of a sudden they are concerned about our health when you might have to replace the meter because due to health consequences when  they won't replace it. You have a constitutional right to defend yourself when they won't act to safeguard you.Go to "About Us" link with arrow on top left side of this page to see what happened to us and read documents posted on top of page to order them to remove digital meter.

Never place barriers that prevent removal of meters – Central Hudson requires access to meters at all times in order to take readings and for safety reasons, for example during emergencies. Meters are also the property of the utility. Never place barriers or take steps that prevent utility employees from accessing or removing meters.Another false statement. They can shut off power to your house from the pole.They did at our house. We saw them do it.

Opt-out program; change of meter location - Customers may opt out of having an ERT meter installed, or hire an electrician to move and attach the meter pan at a location away from their house if desired at their expense.The opt- out is not sufficient to protect you from Dirty Electricity created by all digital meters,ERT or Opt-Out, as they all  have a device called a switching mode power supply that makes dirty electricity 24/7.All in all it is obvious that Central Hudson has a company program of misinformation to deceive it's customers to the health hazzard imposed on them with digital meters installed without their consent.