STOP SMART METERS WOODSTOCK NY                                                                                                                                                                    

                                                                Very Important Action You Can Do

Please support Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY by posting a comment on NYS Dept. Of Public Sevice at link below:       (deadline to post comments is Feb. 20th)

1-click on "search" in between water and login in blue area on right side 

2-"case search" window will appear.Type in 14-M-0196

3-Once on site look on top of page on the right side under "A-Z Index" and you will see comment button.

4-Click on comment button and submit what you would like to say to support an analog opt-out choice.

5- It is very important to add at the end of your comments this statement exactly as I have written it:

"I support Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY's "Petition for Rescinding the PSC Order in Part" and have a "Reconsideration of using analog meters as an opt-out choice."

If you would like a prototype comment , here is one you can copy and paste :

I support Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY's petition to Rescind Order in Part and have a Reconsideration of allowing analog meters for the opt-out choice. Some of my reasons are as follows:
1- the PSC did not consider all the voluminous scientific peer-reviewed studies Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY submitted in their 36 page petition.
2-The PSC relied on industry reports that were not prepared by health professionals and were not peer-reviewed and were not scientific studies but only articles in industry journals
3- The PSC did not consider the 1,000 + signed petition demanding an analog opt-out choice that Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY organized and submitted
4-Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY petition is much more thorough and comprehensive and provides all the documentation needed for the PSC to rescind their decision.
5- The PSC did not consider the three companies nationwide that Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY provided the documentation of their long time ability to supply analog meters as 13 other states are using with none of the imagined problems by the utilities

For these reasons and more "I support Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY's "Petition for Rescinding the PSC Order in Part and a Reconsideration of using analog meters as an opt-out choice"

Thanks so much for whatever you can do.

p.s. there is another group with a similar name called Stop Smart Meters New York. That is not us.

Thank you very much for your support.
Steve Romine
Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY

Breaking News 10/19/17 :

Hi all, We had a victory  in New York State recently . The New York State Public Service Commission (NYSDPS) issued a press release 10/19/17, that the monthly fees to opt-out of a transmitting digital utility meter, will be withdrawn as Central Hudson was ordered ("directed") to do so by the regulating state agency (PSC). There will only be a one time installation  fee of $47. Click on the purple  press release letters  link directly below :

press release

This decision came a few days after I served court papers for a second lawsuit involving the New York State Department of Public Service (NYSDPS) as one of the defendants which also includes Central Hudson, our utility, and Fortis the parent company.
The NYSDPS still insist though that we must have a non-transmitting digital meter and won't allow an  analog opt-out even though they were made aware that 13 other states  do so  and use remanufactured analog  meters. I believe that our 1,000+ signature petition, our posting of documents and comments on the NYSDPS website and serving of court papers on the NYSDPS for a  second lawsuit this week involving them forced their hand to make a concession. We are not finished with them yet and will persist in demanding analog meters as an opt-out as the  second recent lawsuit targets them for fraud and colluding specifically on the availability of analogs and the so-called safety of non-transmitting digital meters among other complaints. .

Correspondence with the Department of Public Service.To view scroll down on left hand side of page and click on custom 7  then scroll down to letter to  Secretary Burgess DPS

LIABILITY NOTICE DELIVERED TO ONTEORA CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT BOARD OF EDUCATION MEMBERS AT MARCH 15TH ,2016 BOE MEETING To view scroll down to arrow links on left hand side of page and  click on  custom page 5 and scroll down to Notice

 Letter from Dr. David Carpenter,founder and director of the Institute of Health and Environment at Albany University, to Bobbi Schnell president of the Onteora Central School District Board Of education, "urging" her "to abandon the use of WiFi in the schools." To view scroll down to arrow links on left side of this  page and bring cursor to custom page 4 and click on it and the scroll down to letter 

 Legal Document to send To Central Hudson That  Assigns Liability to Individuals Within Central Hudson for Forcing a Smart meter on Your Home : To view scroll down  to arrow links on  left side of this page and  bring cursor to arrow pointing to  "New Custom 2"  and  to the right  you will see "New Custom 3" all of a sudden  appear which you will click on and  then scroll down to document.Letters of PhD's to School System on the harm of WIFI  : To view scroll down to arrow  links on left side of this page  and  click on  arrow pointing to "New Custom 2" page  and  then scroll down to letters.

Rebutting False Statements By Central Hudson (CH) Website  In Their  Customer Fact Sheet Highlighted  In Yellow color.  Rebuttals  to  Central Hudson's misinformation In  Aqua color. To view scroll down on this page  to  arrow links  and  click  on  arrow pointing to "New Custom 1" page  and  then scroll down  to rebutted CH  fact sheet.                                                           

To View  or Post a Comment about the analog  resolution or read that  resolution  we submitted with a thousand plus signatures posted on the NYS Public Service Commision Website click on this link :  Post button for  comments on bottom of main page.View comments at "Public Comments" tab on top left of main page.

 Outrageous Letter from Ex-Town Board member Ken Panza to NY Department of Public Service executive Kathleen Burgess go to custom page and then scroll down to letter.


About Us

My name is Stephen Phillip Romine and I live at 8 Fitzsimmons lane Woodstock New York for about 6 years now. When I moved in the landlord had a new electrical service installed . I didn't notice back then but the electromechanical analog electric utility meter was switched out and replaced with a digital/smart meter . About 3 years after I moved in my girlfriend Raji Nevin moved in with me. Once moved in she began to experience nausea, vertigo and headaches. I was very concerned with all these symptoms .

I had heard from a friend that the digital meter might be causing the problem. We did the research and found that in California where there has been a rollout of digital transmitting meters for the previous 5 years,people were complaining of adverse effects. I researched the symptoms and found that the complaints of California's electric utility consumers were the same symptoms as Raji was having. I also discovered that these are classic symptoms of microwave radiation exposure.
It was discovered that I had a digital/smart meter on my home after looking the model number up on General Electric website. I had a GEI-210 General Electric transmitting digital/smart meter ,one of the three models listed in the " 210 Smart Meter Family" of electric utility meters on GE's product info page.

I called Central Hudson the next day and was told by customer service that smart meters are not approved by the Public Service Commission yet for deployment in New York so it cannot be a smart meter and that what I had on my home was an "ERT meter."

I then called General Electric Corporation's main office and spoke with three technical representatives in the smart meter division on three separate phone calls. I was told by three different tech reps that the GE I-210 is definitely a smart meter and that no one in the field calls them ERT meters. They said the GE I-210 is a transmitting digital smart meter with an ERT module making it a one way communicating smart meter.

I had obtained by purchase a High Frequency analyzer meter which measures microwave radiation exposure. I measured the GE I-210 digital/smart meter emissions and they were much higher than the recommended exposures by the latest research reports, The Bioinitiative Report of 2012. I also learned that The World Health Organization in 2011 has classified electromagnetic radiation, which is what is emitted from transmitting digital smart meters, a "possible cause of cancer" and should be reclassified to a "probable cause of cancer" according to their chief scientist Anthony Miller PhD.

I then realized Central Hudson was not being honest with me. I obtained legal documents and mailed them Central Hudson notarized/certified/return receipt requested. On March 21st ,2013 I sent a legal Notice and Demand for Removal of All Digital Electric Meters Emitting Radiation and Loss of Easement Through Criminal Misconduct . Central Hudson was given 14 days to remove said transmitting digital/smart meter and replace it with safe analog electric utility meter, or acting in self defense under the protections of the US constitution, I would have to do the requested removal and installation myself.
On April 9th, 2013 I sent a legal " Notice of Default and a Warning of Liability." Central Hudson was notified that they had defaulted for not responding to the claims I set forth in the legal notice and thus through acquiescence agreed with the terms.
I sent Central Hudson a total of 3 sets of the documents over the course of two months . At no time did Central Hudson try to contact me and attempt to resolve the situation in anyway
Over the course of two months I sent the legal notices demanding removal of the transmitting digital/smart meter three times. After the second month my girlfriend Raji Nevin had a mini-stroke standing 10 feet at an angle of 45 degrees from the GE I-210 digital /smart transmitting meter that was on the front our house near the front door so everyone coming in or out of our house or standing in the front yard was being exposed to the radiation . Northern Dutchess County Hospital ,where I brought Raji for medical observation and treatment ,stated after 2 days of admittance and observation that she appeared to be in perfect health and they didn't know why she had a mini-stroke.They did warn us that because she had a mini-stroke she is at high risk for a major stroke in the next 90 days which could mean major disability or even possibly death.
Now I was really worried and went home from the hospital with Raji who was discharged and began to research microwave exposure symptoms. Our research showed us that microwave can cause heart attacks and strokes.Realizing that Raji was standing in front of the transmitting digital/smart meter I  realized that i must remove the transmitting digital/smart meter before Raji has another stroke.
I turned off the power to the house with the main breaker. I put pallets on the ground with heavy thick rubber matt's on top. I stood on that and wearing protective lineman's gloves I removed the transmitting digital/smart meter and replaced it with a remanufactured safe electromechanical analog electric utility meter that surpasses the the ANSI Standards that the Public Service Commission uses to approve electric utility meters for use in New York.
All of the above activity of removal of transmitting digital smart meter and installation of the time tested safe non-transmitting analog meter was recored by video documenting the last readings on the digital smart meter and the proper operation of the safe analog meter showing the dial spinning and electricity flowing. My home had available electrical power for four days from the proper installation of the analog meter with no problems.
On May 16th,2013 I sent a a package containing Central Hudson's transmitting digital/smart meter along with another set of legal documents ,"Demand for Removal" and "Notice of Default" accompanied with a DVD documenting the removal of said digital/smart meter and the installation of the remanufactured, refurbished and re-calibrated safe electromechanical analog meter by Hialeah Meter Company.Their standards surpass surpass the standards set by the NY Public Service Commission. All of this was mailed to Central Hudson Headquarters attention to James P. Laurito and Steven V. Lant.
Then on May 20th, 2016 Central Hudson came to my home to disconnect me against my protests and proceeded to cut the wires at the pole where they are still hanging 4 plus  years later as I have been living off the grid for four years now. It didn't seem to matter to Central Hudson that I had someone in the house recovering from a stroke ,they disconnected me anyway instead of simply inspecting and testing the installation which they had the choice of doing and refused . Electrical work can be done by anyone in Ulster County but needs to to be inspected by an electrical inspector. Central Hudson has the ability to test meters to see if they are operating properly. At that point is the only time Central Hudson called me. At no time previous to my seeking them to correct the situation did they call me to work things out. When they finally called me they did so to threaten to have me arrested. I said I know my constitutional rights to self defense and that is why I removed the unsafe transmitting digital/smart meter from my home as i had someone in the house being affected adversly and was recovering from a stroke.
It should be noted that I suffered with severe neck pain ,charlie horse cramps in my legs in the middle of the night when I was sleeping and slight heart palpitations upon bed. All these symptoms can be caused by exposure to low levels of microwave radiation. I took 400 milligrams morning and night for 1 and 1/2 years to self- medicate away the pain from the neck as I couldn't afford a doctor as I didn't have any health insurance. . The anxiety from the symptoms was incredibly worrisome. I removed the transmitting digital/smart meter off of my house to protect my girlfriend Raji Nevin from a possible major stroke. I had no idea that in doing so my symptoms just described would disappear and not return for over four  years now..
My life was turned upside down and the emotional damage and psychological impact on me from worry over my partner Raji and myself was tremendous . Life was made much harder for me thanks to Central Hudson disconnecting me and refusing to hook me back up unless I accepted that GE I -210 digital/smart meter back again and which would put my partner Raji Nevin at significant risk again. Furthermore Central Hudson demanded that i pay a $500 disconnet/reconnect fee before they would reconnect my power. Besides many common law and civil law violations my constitutional rights were violated as well as International Rights established in Nurmberg , Germany and agreed to by all the developed nations in the world including the U.S. I have a world leading expert on microwave exposure  who supports my concerns, Harvard treained Dt. David Carpenter of director and founder of the Institute of Health and Environment at Albany University . I also have the medical research to back up my concerns in the Bioinitiative Report of 2012 at ,a 1500 page report put together by 21 PhD's and 10 MD's and based on 2,000 peer-reviewed studies.
Make sure you watch Take Back Your Power at