STOP SMART METERS WOODSTOCK NY                                                                                                                                                                    

                                                                Very Important Action You Can Do

Please support Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY by posting a comment on NYS Dept. Of Public Sevice at link below:       (deadline to post comments is Feb. 20th)

1-click on "search" in between water and login in blue area on right side 

2-"case search" window will appear.Type in 14-M-0196

3-Once on site look on top of page on the right side under "A-Z Index" and you will see comment button.

4-Click on comment button and submit what you would like to say to support an analog opt-out choice.

5- It is very important to add at the end of your comments this statement exactly as I have written it:

"I support Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY's "Petition for Rescinding the PSC Order in Part" and have a "Reconsideration of using analog meters as an opt-out choice."

If you would like a prototype comment , here is one you can copy and paste :

I support Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY's petition to Rescind Order in Part and have a Reconsideration of allowing analog meters for the opt-out choice. Some of my reasons are as follows:
1- the PSC did not consider all the voluminous scientific peer-reviewed studies Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY submitted in their 36 page petition.
2-The PSC relied on industry reports that were not prepared by health professionals and were not peer-reviewed and were not scientific studies but only articles in industry journals
3- The PSC did not consider the 1,000 + signed petition demanding an analog opt-out choice that Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY organized and submitted
4-Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY petition is much more thorough and comprehensive and provides all the documentation needed for the PSC to rescind their decision.
5- The PSC did not consider the three companies nationwide that Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY provided the documentation of their long time ability to supply analog meters as 13 other states are using with none of the imagined problems by the utilities

For these reasons and more "I support Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY's "Petition for Rescinding the PSC Order in Part and a Reconsideration of using analog meters as an opt-out choice"

Thanks so much for whatever you can do.

p.s. there is another group with a similar name called Stop Smart Meters New York. That is not us.

Thank you very much for your support.
Steve Romine
Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY

Breaking News 10/19/17 :

Hi all, We had a victory  in New York State recently . The New York State Public Service Commission (NYSDPS) issued a press release 10/19/17, that the monthly fees to opt-out of a transmitting digital utility meter, will be withdrawn as Central Hudson was ordered ("directed") to do so by the regulating state agency (PSC). There will only be a one time installation  fee of $47. Click on the purple  press release letters  link directly below :

press release

This decision came a few days after I served court papers for a second lawsuit involving the New York State Department of Public Service (NYSDPS) as one of the defendants which also includes Central Hudson, our utility, and Fortis the parent company.
The NYSDPS still insist though that we must have a non-transmitting digital meter and won't allow an  analog opt-out even though they were made aware that 13 other states  do so  and use remanufactured analog  meters. I believe that our 1,000+ signature petition, our posting of documents and comments on the NYSDPS website and serving of court papers on the NYSDPS for a  second lawsuit this week involving them forced their hand to make a concession. We are not finished with them yet and will persist in demanding analog meters as an opt-out as the  second recent lawsuit targets them for fraud and colluding specifically on the availability of analogs and the so-called safety of non-transmitting digital meters among other complaints. .

Correspondence with the Department of Public Service.To view scroll down on left hand side of page and click on custom 7  then scroll down to letter to  Secretary Burgess DPS

LIABILITY NOTICE DELIVERED TO ONTEORA CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT BOARD OF EDUCATION MEMBERS AT MARCH 15TH ,2016 BOE MEETING To view scroll down to arrow links on left hand side of page and  click on  custom page 5 and scroll down to Notice

 Letter from Dr. David Carpenter,founder and director of the Institute of Health and Environment at Albany University, to Bobbi Schnell president of the Onteora Central School District Board Of education, "urging" her "to abandon the use of WiFi in the schools." To view scroll down to arrow links on left side of this  page and bring cursor to custom page 4 and click on it and the scroll down to letter 

 Legal Document to send To Central Hudson That  Assigns Liability to Individuals Within Central Hudson for Forcing a Smart meter on Your Home : To view scroll down  to arrow links on  left side of this page and  bring cursor to arrow pointing to  "New Custom 2"  and  to the right  you will see "New Custom 3" all of a sudden  appear which you will click on and  then scroll down to document.Letters of PhD's to School System on the harm of WIFI  : To view scroll down to arrow  links on left side of this page  and  click on  arrow pointing to "New Custom 2" page  and  then scroll down to letters.

Rebutting False Statements By Central Hudson (CH) Website  In Their  Customer Fact Sheet Highlighted  In Yellow color.  Rebuttals  to  Central Hudson's misinformation In  Aqua color. To view scroll down on this page  to  arrow links  and  click  on  arrow pointing to "New Custom 1" page  and  then scroll down  to rebutted CH  fact sheet.                                                           

To View  or Post a Comment about the analog  resolution or read that  resolution  we submitted with a thousand plus signatures posted on the NYS Public Service Commision Website click on this link :  Post button for  comments on bottom of main page.View comments at "Public Comments" tab on top left of main page.

 Outrageous Letter from Ex-Town Board member Ken Panza to NY Department of Public Service executive Kathleen Burgess go to custom page and then scroll down to letter.


Welcome!    (check out our new newsletter page-link on left)

  URGENT:   May 16th of 2015, 190  international scientists from 39 countries who are experts on EMR , made an appeal to the UN to protect humanlife, wildlife from rapidly increasing electromagnetic levels of radiation being produced by the proliferation of wireless devices ( 1 trillion times more background radiation than in 1945). Please   watch accompanying short  video to better understand our mutual predicament as the profit motive of big  wireless corporations,three times bigger than "Big Pharma," are creating an invisible  hazardous environment for all of  us :

 A hundred more smart meters explode ,this time in Capitola,Ca.(                                                                                                                            

Hundreds of smart meters  explode simultaneously and catch on fire in Stockton, California (              Saskatechawan Power Company in Canada has been ordered to remove  105,000  smart meters due to fires being caused by them.                                                                                                                             


 The Maine House and Senate passed "The Wireless Information Act," a cell phone radiation label requirement, and then killed it prior to enactment due to cellular industry lobbyists.         Please call Maines Governor LePage at 207-287-3531 or email   Governor LePage at                                                                                   

Germany rejects deployment of smart meters in their country as other countries like France delay rollout :                                                                                 

  "NORTHEAST UTILITY' A MAJOR UTILITY IN NEW ENGLAND HAS FILED A SUBMITTAL WITH THE MASSACHUSSETTS DEPARTMENT OF UTILITIES WHICH HAS STATED THAT THERE IS "NO RATIONAL BASIS FOR SMART METERS". ( Click on link below and go to past second paragraph to "official submission" in blue letters and click on that to see whole legal document with highlighted portions of importance)





  At StopSmartMetersWoodstockNY we are doing our part and "paying it forward" by raising awareness within our community and neighboring communities to the dangers ( of pulsing microwave radiation (EMR) emitted from wireless devices such as smart meters,WI-FI, cell phones, dect phones (cordless phones), baby monitors,.etc. (Us at public hearing recently-, The wireless industry, now three times bigger than "Big Pharma" has  created a mad gold rush for themselves  by the introduction of all these wireless (microwave) devices which  has created an environment  that is bathing us all  in  "electrosmog" or electro-magnetic radiation  ( .This background radiation, also called  "electrosmog", is a trillion  times more dense than the natural EMR  in our environment than was  before the advent of wireless devices (1945). Man made EMR which basically is pulsed microwave radiation   whereas natural EMR is not pulsing.The pulsing and the increased density is what is causing all the damage to our biological systems which have electromagnetic functions within them that get interfered with by pulsing EMR.The effects may not show up right away as the latency period for the  cancer effect  from this technology is 5 to 15 years. Symptoms for other  adverse effects including  autism in some children  have been shown to clear up with the elimination of  EMR in their living spaces (watch EMR-Health Crisis Of Our Time-- -- with PHD MD Dietrich Klinghardt -- 43 min.)  Also watch this short video of Dr.Anthony Miller who was the chief scientist on the World Health Organization's arm called The International Agency for Cancer Research committee state that he would reclassify EMF/microwave from a class 2B carcinogen (possible cancer causer) to a class 2A carcinogen (probable cancer causer). Here's the link:  ( Anthony Miller before Toronto Council-2:23 min). For a recent comprehensive report on the harm EMR causes review this report on Electro-Hypersensitivity:  Also for info on the harm of WIFI on children read this report by Barrie Trower retired microwave weapons specialist , now turned whistleblower, who travels the globe at his own expense warning schools and municipalities about the dangers of WIFI and cell towers on school grounds:,15,3333

Please keep in mind, when you hear people make the statement, "oh what's the difference? We are already bathed in EMF by cell phones, WiFi, etc. so why are Smart Meters such an issue? -- there ARE significant differences - one of the most important issue being that you can turn off your WiFi (and even opt for ethernet or not having it by choice), you can turn off your cell phones (or even opt for not having one by choice), you can replace your dect phones with wired phones (or choose not to have one) -- HOWEVER, you have NO CHOICE WHATSOEVER when it comes to the Smart Meter agenda.  They are being installed/deployed (world-wide) without the utility companies asking permission and without them telling you once they have been installed.  Once on your home (or near your home) they are PULSING 24/7 and you CANNOT turn them off.  They PULSE while you sleep and they are absolutely causing  serious biological (yes, even at the DNA level) ill health problems -- to humans, animals,insects (bees) and plant life. For more on this read PHD Olle Johansson's, of the famous Karolinska Institue in Sweden, letter to the California Public Utilities Commission    and watch  "Resonance-Beings of Frequency.Here's link:      The movie is 88minutes and nothing less than remarkable and totally educational.You will be amazed.

Our commitment is to continue to educate people with the Truth about these radiating devices and the ill health affects that they DO cause and present you with solid facts  provided through mountains of documentation written by scientists, doctors and other professionals - all highly respected individuals from around the world!  We will also be providing you with links to important videos and offer you ideas about how to protect yourself from this devestating technology.                                                                          PLEASE SIGN THESE PETITIONS:                                                                                                                  CLICK HERE:           CLICK                 CLICK HERE:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  On the state level we need to pass legislation that bans all  transmitting digital  smart meters ,especially two way, which requires a mesh network that will bathe us all  in EMR (microwave) whether we have an opt-out or not.These smart  meters will bounce EMR (microwave) off of our appliances then off each of  our neighbors houses then to the routers on the pole in the street (5 square mile coverage)  and then to the collector on another pole (134 square mile coverage) and then to the power company.Our communities will be bathed in microwave.                                                                                                                                   .  

New York State Senators and Assembly members are proposing legislation that promotes "smart" (AMR, ERT) meters at the same time that their constituents are reporting to their representatives that they are being injured by this faulty technology.


For example,  Ulster County, NY Assemblyman Kevin Cahill has introduced # A1932, which promotes smart meters.  Many of his constituents have contacted and visited his office, reporting that they are being injured by the radiation emissions from smart meters.  His silence in reaction to these complaints has been deafening, and his support for the very technology that is causing his constituents to be injured is outrageous.   He's not the only one – there are many more senators and assembly members who are pushing smart meters.  


You can help stop smart meters in NY!


Please copy, paste and e-mail the following letter and/or call your New York State elected officials. Ask them to introduce and support:


The New York Utility Consumer's Health, Safety and Privacy Protection Act” and to reject legislation that promotes these meters. Here's link for that act :


Sample letter or your own words:



Subject:   Smart Meter Consumer Protective Legislation For NY


Dear NY State Elected Official, 


We need your help.


Please protect NY State residents’ consumer rights and public health by introducing and supporting “The New York Utility Consumer's Health, Safety and Privacy Protection Act.”

                                                                           .                                                                                                                             link for contacting Assemblyman Kevin Cahill --                                                                                                              ..                                                                                                                                    .Link for contacting Congressman Chris Gibson --                 .                                                                                                                               Link for contacting Governor Andrew Cuomo -    .                                        For the rest of the state of NY go this link to find your representatives:                                                                           


                                                                                                                                                                                    Watch this video to fully understand what's at stake: The Truth About smart Meters-click here-    ( 68 min. must see video )                

                                                     .                                                                                                   On the federal level we have a real threat to our communities being discussed in committee concerning the passage of the "Smart Grid Advancement Act of 2013"  which will make it mandatory to have two way full on smart meters on your house or business whether your local or state governments like it or not. That bill is H.R. 2685 ( This link will locate your representatives contact info,email or phone. Woodstockers  please make a call to Rep. Christopher Gibson’s office.His  phone number is: 202-225-5614 . Or visit : and fill out the contact form to write an email.  Our federal elected officials need to know that we do not want that bill passed.That  bill also will squash any lawsuits against the power companies because of harm caused to the public by the smart grid. Are you starting to get the picture.Who else would consider such a bill except a bought off politician. Is everyone aware that just recently President Obama appointed Tom Wheeler,who was the chief lobbyist for the cellular industry, to be the head of the FCC which is supposed to regulate the industry.Does anyone really believe that Wheeler won't be looking out for the interests of the industry and not peoples health.Click here:     Lawsuits locally are brewing!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Check out this link for American Academy of Environmental Medicine's statement on smart meters :        Click here:                                                                                      Also check ou this paper by the World Health Organization declaring EMF a class 2B carcinogen:

  ALL  ARE INVITED TO ATTEND STOP SMART METERS MEETINGS --  2nd SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH (no meeting july and august) @ 7PM -- WOODSTOCK LIBRARY, 5 Library Lane, WOODSTOCK, NY                                                                                                                     Here is video of our group including myself speaking at the  first Kingston Public Hearing on The REV (Reformed Energy Vision) Initiative (smart meters promotion) .We opposed it ( min).   We also spoke at the second kingston Public Hearing  on Rev and smart meters (                                   (30 min).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Here is video of Steve measuring the Woodstock Commons : ( ) (CORRECTION:FCC maximum safe exposure limit is 600 to 1000 micro watts per CENTIMETER squared not  METER squared as I  incorrectly stated  in this  video last june of 2013). This fact  is very important to understand as this will help you to understand why FCC  Standard for MAXIMUM SAFE EXPOSURE LIMITof  600 to 1000 micro watts per centimeter squared is so high compared to 10 micro watts per meter squared stated in the 2007 Bioiniative Report for  MAXIMUM SAFE EXPOSURE LIMIT. The important thing to realize is there are ten thousand micro watts per meter squared in one micro watt per centimeter  squared.  Google  to Safe Living Technologies  conversion chart  . The difference between the FCC standards  and the Bioinitiative Report standards  is ten thousands  of times different.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The video shows that the readings on the High Frequency  Analyzer at the Woodstock Commons are extremely high compared to Bioiniative Report standards which is based on the latest research unlike the FCC standards which is based on 1970's research.We've learned a lot more in the last  40 years on the harm caused by EMR at low levels.                                                  Internationaly  respected, Germany's  Baubiolgie (building biology) Institute's   standard for maximum EMR exposure limit outside  is .01 micro watts per meter squared.  Here the   link for their guidelines:        The Bioinitiative report of 2012 has dropped the maximum safe exposure limit from 10 micro watts per meter squared to .01 micro watts per meter squared  as new research has shown biological harm from EMR at just above these  low levels.  Read section 4 of the Bioinitiative Report of 2012 on" the inadequacy of the existing (FCC) standards" . Link for  for section  4 of the Bioinitiative Report: (see below image)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

 Take Back Your Power DVD Movie was  released sept.3,2013.  Click here to view official  trailer:                         . 

Click here:  to view movie for $2.99 for 72 hours access online or to purchase DVD for $19.99 . Show it to your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers.  Host events where you can show this movie to large groups.  Take this powerful torch and pass it on.  Be a part of a world wide movement to stop the Smart Meter Grid while we still can!  Also here is a link  of some of  us here at on a panel at the Rosendale Theater speaking after the screening of Take Back Your Power film in august of 2013:  (50 min)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        NOTE:The Woodstock Library has three copies of the Take Back Your Power  movie in DVD form   which you can take home and watch for free.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The most comprehensive recent research report   on EMR (microwave radiation) was done in the Bioinitiative Report of 2012.The report is 1500 pages long and is comprised of 1800 recent and mostly peer reviewed studies on the harm caused by EMR. At least look at the table of contents which gives you a good idea of how dangerous EMR is. Click here:   Also watch this 3 minute video of Dr. David Carpenter one of the editors  of the Bioinitiative Report. Click here :     We also recommend reading this  paper by Dr.Carpenter titled-- Smart Meters:Correcting Gross  Misinformation.Click here:  (check further into this's a good site)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Also read the Seletun Scientific Statement which was put out by top scientists in the world who met in Seletun Norway in 2011 and issued this dire warning to the world leaders on the dangers of EMR (microwave radiation). Click here:                   

PLEASE VISIT:    and  for more on the smart meter issue.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                To understand what kind of meter you have:Go to smart meter education network at :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Here are two great devices that actually work to mitigate EMR (microwave) in and around your home.We've purchased them and tested them and they do reduce the microwave radiation to safe exposure limits.Check out this site for Dirty Electricity Filters and watch these two short videos for a demonstration of the Smart Meter Guard:                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Dirty Electricity Filters-                                                                     Smart Meter Guard- ( 5 min)  and  (2 min) contact info at end of videos      Also please go to for supplies that deal with mitigating EMF radiation(earthing,shielding,measuring,etc.) Less EMF store is located in Latham,New York right next to Albany.                                                                                                                                           Also check out this movie on earthing titled "The Grounded" (full movie) on youtube ( 74 min)     Order the necessary supplies from to ground yourself  to protect yourself from EMR/Microwave exposure.                                                                                                                                                                         Please once you mitigate the radiation in your home become active in helping us halt  the Smart Grid  by your activism.                                                                                                                                                                               THANKS FOR VISITING OUR SITE. PLEASE EMAIL US AROUND THE WEB